Graphics for RR3 version 5.0.5a released!


Graphics for Real Racing 3 just got updated with new graphics options and small fixes.
You can download the new update by following this link.

In this version:

  • added new option “iPad 6 3”
  • added new option “iPad 6 4”
  • added new option “iPad 6 7”
  • added new option “iPad 6 8”
  • added new option “SimRigTV”

Try them and leave a comment below if you find those better.

A poll about issues

Hi everyone!

I have been getting comments about issues with RR3 Graphics app lately and it is hard for me to track them down. I have created a poll and am asking you to answer it. If you answer “YES” then please describe your issue with Android version in the comments below. Thank you all!

Graphics for RR3 4.0.3a update


New version 4.0.3a of Graphics for RR3 is released.

Here is a changelog for the current version:

  • Fixed a crash which occurred when launching an app without internet connection.
  • Fixed annoying “Support” dialog behavior. Now after the first “Show support” click the dialog will not be shown again.
  • Added donation links and ad disabling feature for donators.

All people who donated in the past got the codes to disable ads emailed. Thank you guys!

Future of RR3GFX


Hi guys!
I am thinking about dedicating more of my time into “Graphics for Real Racing 3” app (aka RR3GFX) and I need your support! Please leave any feedback, ideas and/or feature requests in the comments below.

Also do not forget to follow brand new Facebook page for RR3GFX:

And if you’d like to buy me a beer for this handy app you can easily do it by clicking “Donate” button bellow 🙂