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Hi guys!
I am thinking about dedicating more of my time into “Graphics for Real Racing 3” app (aka RR3GFX) and I need your support! Please leave any feedback, ideas and/or feature requests in the comments below.

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88 thoughts on “Future of RR3GFX”

  1. I wish to thank you for making this application!

    It saved me as I couldn’t play no heavy tracks and it was crashing in all le Mans, for more then a year! It was a nightmare, and suddenly in the fm forums some angel appeared and commented on you!

    Above, it gives good streaming and I use it always with RR3, NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEM.

    Improovments? Well I have an idea or 2…

    1) much neater layout, simple racy,style. Esthetics adds much and racers love venils… Who doesn’t?

    2) how about a live simple screen video recording?
    It will be a blast! A major hit causec today we just don’t have it in game and its so missing!!

    Many offer rooted and options that realyvare not easy and don’t work! We need something simple, and share options etc.

    That will be great and fits this program as a perfect extra!!!

    3) launch with actual settings saved on a alias in desktop!!

    That’s it, hope you like it. I am a designer and doing art and graphics, 3D etc.. Thank you and looking forward.


    1. Is therw any aps that will put vinayls or something for rr3
      And its a good job for this app thanks.

  2. hi ..first of all I love this app and second I use it a little differently than most people. I use it on the low setting so that the game does not freeze as often.any chance on having a setting that is slightly lower than low..anyway thanks again. And donation is on the way.

    1. Hi, Tim! Thanks for your comment. I’ll investigate if it is possible to use lower settings than the current low.

  3. just wanna say a huge thank you for rr3 gfx, this application works great for my laptop (i do a lot playing rr3 on android emulator anyway), thanks for this app once again have a nice day 🙂

  4. You could try to make settings stick after exiting. Also (dont know if this is possible) it would be nice to trim the original rr3. Like they have textures for all the resolutions, and they download it all. What if, we chose what suits us best, then deleted all other assets? Would the space gain be considerate? Full install is somewhere around 2.5gb at the moment. Thanks

  5. Hi, without your app I wouldn’t be able to play this game, because the most important thing for me is the frame rate. And without your app it sucked, but with your app it’s great. 🙂

  6. Hi, thx for the effort, it helps with smoother gameplay and less heating. Even on powerful devices, it gets pretty laggy and hot on the high settings the game chooses.
    As for changes, I would welcome the option to choose advance settings and tweak everything ourselves if it’s possible (like shaders, textures, etc).

    Thanks again!

  7. i love it….work on my asus zenfone c z007………nice one…..make more app like this in other highend games

  8. Please, take out the repeating annoying pop up message , once we did give our feedback. Ty again 😉

  9. I thank you for update faster.
    Now I think, my Sony Xperia SP with default high settings was fps dropping constant (goes smooth and laggy)
    But thanks to you creating RR3 GFX settings.
    Even i can play low and medium without lags at all. (Low with Lemans, pretty longest tracks due pity pain 1GB RAM, medium with small/medium tracks)
    (i can’t donate because I’m student)

  10. Hello rr3 graphic maker,

    I play on samsung galaxy s2!!! And without Your app there wouldnt be other way to play it.
    I started playing it when there was first RTLM update with porsche 911 2014 hybrid.

    If there wasnt this app, i would had to buy better phone with more memory for phone.
    Mine sugestion for update or impruvment is to make posible to copy rr3 game to memory card, if it is possible to do so.

    One more time THANK YOU!!!
    You are doing a great work.


    1. And one ting,

      At the moment i am not able to donate for this app that You are creatinh because i am student and live in Croatia (eastern Europ)

  11. I hace a lenovo A5500F,Sometimes the image stutters and I need to turn down the graphics, thanks for the aplication.

  12. Thanks for the app!!!! I have a galaxy tab s… without this app it would be impossible to play because it’s very laggy..

  13. Hey, thanks for making this app, its convenient and easy to use, sometimes i use heavy gfx sometimes low for better fps. Perhaps you can add some of your own effects like detailed shadows, extra lighting. Yeah of course the all cars need DRLS fix cuz it looks cheap for all cars having same lights

    Best of luck for future, we hope you continue your good work

  14. Ill see what i can donate, im in my graduate 4th year still studying. But anyway for your great efforts, ill do my best for donations

  15. Greetings Dev. and thanks for making this great app. I can now play the game properly on my nexus 6…
    Im glad to donate and plz keep the app updated. I would like to see a new UI (more color and graphics maybe:) and ultra high setting for even more cooler gfx on high end devices

  16. I have been using this app for long time,but when you upgrade it to 4.0.3a,i can not use it anymore,enable or disable option can not be chosen,it dim. My tablet is memopad M172v asus, android is 4.1.1

    1. Mate your a star and you deserve a beer. You’ve made graphic adjustments a breeze now before it was a hassle to do.(I promise to donate soon).

      Since running this app I’ve been setting laps 2-3 seconds quicker (when on low) on le mans. It is actually mapping so well the response time is quicker. I can run my game on the highest settings as well, it looks so much better and even though I set slower times its worth it just for the extra details.

      I have an idea but not really for graphics but for vinyls. If you can write this I wonder if you put your mind to it could it be possible to create an app that makes it easier to install custom vinyls. I don’t know if it’s possible to do this but I’d buy that app any day.

      Cheers again keep up the great work.

      1. Hey! Thanks for your support. 🙂 I’ll look into vinyl installation and how this could be added into the app.

  17. I tried donating but get a 404 from PayPal.

    Thanks for the app, it’s the only way my aging Nexus 7 can keep up!

  18. Very nice, this app makes rr3 fairly playable on my 1st Gen moto e and allows me to max the hell b out b of the graphics on my shield portable. Just wish that the silly SD card priveleges didn’t get in the way.

  19. Man, I really appreciate and admire the great work you have done with this app! I have used it right from the first version when it appeared on Google Play=) I sincerely hope that you will keep on working with it and make it suitable for new versions! Cheers=)

  20. Please continue your work on this app, my phone overheats when I play rr3 without your app.

  21. You are the man!!! RR3 won’t give a shit if your phone don’t meet the requirements. But you did it, just cut that fancy graphics and give me the buttery race

  22. Thanks for this application which I use to lower graphics settings which help with frame rate and load time for tracks.

    I’d like to have it support landscape mode.

  23. It’s one of the best apps ever and I love it!
    I personally do not have new ideeas for it because it is already awesome.
    Goodluck with it and I hope you will get more donations because you deserve them.

  24. Hi app used to work fine but has now started crashing and not launching the game. Can take 7-10 attempts to open and sometimes wont open at all.

  25. I can’t use it on bluestack android emulator, it just set the graphic settings on low and it’s light grey, i can’t change it

  26. I just wanted to say thank you for this app, it has been really useful and this is the reason why I could play RR3. Keep going and take care 😀

  27. I would like to give the dev a BIG THANKS for creating this app. I would like to recommend a few things to be implemented in the app which in my opinion would make the app better

    1. Material Design ( to make the menu look neat)
    2. Deeper tweaks on the graphics of the game (Shadows, Anti aliasing, reflections, etc) just like in PC games

  28. I just read about this app while searching for a rr3 guide, i wanted such app, and i immediately download it. But it is not working, the graphics r same as usual. Plz help. I m using moto g3

    1. Hi! Make sure you close the game before making changes in the app. If nothing helps, try restarting your phone, setting the desired graphics and then launching the game. It should work.

  29. This app really work great with the new version of Real Racing 3 on my Asus AT&T tablet

  30. Hi, dev! I downloaded this app to improve RR3’s performance on my Nexus 7 (2nd gen) and it works great! I can get almost flawless performance running on medium so that’s my go-to setting. I’d like to experiment with other settings but it’s hard to discern the differences between them from the drop-down menu. Maybe you could add details to each seeing like recommended devices (including Android!) or degree of graphics chance or recommended screen resolutions, etc.

    The app works great from a functional standpoint so you’ve got a donation on the way. Thanks again for the time you put into this app!

  31. hi…I really appreciate your work…now I think you must add custom options…like shadow…resolution…reflection quality…. just like PC games…….. you can do that editing those plist files ….I think they hold all the data like .cfg files …. I tried to open them….. but I couldn’t …so If you know how to edit .plist files you can give it a try

    1. hey…. I have finally decrypted those .plist files…… I did that using QuickBMS on PC….. I managed to modify every details of graphics like shadow…texture…reflection….collision gfx….etc etc…… do some research … if you can make it on android platform it will be the best thing for RR3 …

  32. Without this app, RR3 doesn’t run smooth. Now with some trial and error I discovered the best between different settings for my phone and as many other said before: thanks for this solution and keep developing, that is what keeps me racing.

  33. I’ve been using rr3gfx for years on my Nexus 7, dumbing down to medium to make it playable. Many thanks. Donated a couple of times, will happily donate again if I can get it to work again.

    The latest version gives me “Failed to move folder”.

  34. one of the great apps , to help those kind of phones model which has low gpu , i honestly said that i was thought after crashing rr3 on my phone to remove it but after search on internet i found rr3 gpf apps so i think try it , after setting medium the game run perfectly smooth and running nice with no issue , hats off to u………

  35. It was an amazing app before the latest rr3 update. Very useful on older phones and even on my new g5 because the game plaays like on 20 fps, i would have liked to try this app to gain some fps but it doesnt work with the new update :/ i will be very glad if i see this app getting updated

  36. Great app but it would ve better if you bring again settings for individual setup. Seperate settings for shadows, quality and that stuff.
    Great work, I even use it on my more than capable xperia z5

  37. Thank you for this app as a future idea I suggest an option to turn anti alliasing on/off It s annoying without it keep up the good work (sorry I can t help it I m a grammar nazi)

  38. Great app for sure! my mirrors weren’t working and now they are, thx. I’ve got this other problem it has to do with the audio for Bluetooth devices. when hooked up to the game the Bluetooth audio sounds stuttering

  39. Great app, but sometimes I’ve followed your instructions and not been able to change the graphics. Pls can u fix this?

  40. Thank you flr this app bro, i don’t have the best phone to enjoy best graphics but i use it for photography and this app is very usefull for me. Keep it going

  41. The next update should be on the compatibility of the app because i stiil get an error :Failed to move directory! And I cant change the graphics. I mean if you dont make that directory move automaticly you might put a button to move it manualy (the user to move it) . I am running on a Android 7.0 Nougat , 3 GB Ram ,Mali-T720 and a mtk octa-core processor.

  42. Thank you flr this app bro, i don’t have the best phone to enjoy best graphics but i use it for photography and this app is very usefull for me. Keep it going

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