Graphics for RR3 4.0.3a update


New version 4.0.3a of Graphics for RR3 is released.

Here is a changelog for the current version:

  • Fixed a crash which occurred when launching an app without internet connection.
  • Fixed annoying “Support” dialog behavior. Now after the first “Show support” click the dialog will not be shown again.
  • Added donation links and ad disabling feature for donators.

All people who donated in the past got the codes to disable ads emailed. Thank you guys!

31 thoughts on “Graphics for RR3 4.0.3a update”

  1. Hey just downloaded the latest version. 12/07/15. Now every time I start the app it closes..every time.supposed to fix the internet crash but mow crashes every time

    1. Hi Tim!

      Have you managed to launch the app already? I got myself several crashes after update but then after maybe fourth try it launched successfully and I wasn’t able to reproduce the error again.

  2. Hello good day, I’m having trouble with this application. When the start tells me: GAME DIRECTORY NOT FOUND!!!. and will not let me change the game’s graphics and I closed all the time. Could you tell me how to fix it? Thank you.

  3. Can you do this for Need For Speed No Limits? They are using a new way of programming the game, new file types, not so easy to customize the resolution.

  4. On my Medion e10320 app (the 4.0.3a) crash always when is no internet connection, with net crashes when I click “enable” button. Maybe you could upload the preavious version of your great app too? The 3.7.1 (and more others) was stable but I cant find it anywhere 🙁

  5. Pls fix that problem with game directory not found. I tried too install other version of your app / reinstall game… nothing works for me. Keep up good job.

  6. it says game directory not found. i tried all versions. and still cannot be found. i am also in 6.0.1 android and enabled also its app permission.

  7. Hey!
    Downloaded and installed this great APP on my new pixel c. But the APP tells me all the time: “Game directory not found”. Do you have any solution for this problem?

  8. Good morning, how strange that we all have the same problem, game not found !. But I was thinking? Maybe the game will not be presenting this failure with the latest update?.Remove this conclusion, because the game will not let me move it to the memory card and every time I try I get error.

  9. I just downloaded the game and anytime I launch it,it closes by itself and I dont understand why pls help me out…

  10. Hi! First of all, thanks for the app, it is awesome and game changing!

    But, I got a little problem, I had to make a HR on a Galaxy Note 2 running Android 4.2.2, game version 4.2.0 and RR3GRFX 4.2.0a and now I can not seem to enable the app. The buttons are grey, inactive.

    It worked perfectly before the reset I did on the phone, dunno whats wrong now :/

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