15 thoughts on “Graphics for RR3 version 4.2.0 released!”

  1. Hi, the app says “Game directory not found”. Do you have any solution for this problem?
    HTC with Android 6.0

  2. yep. same for me. upon starting the app it says “Game directory not found”. any idea?

  3. @Real Racer

    I’m getting “Game directory not found” as well, but I found the issue. I’m on the 4.3.1 _na version of RR3, and in this version /.depot is under /files instead of being a sibling of /files. Once I moved /files/.depot to /.depot, I am able to change the graphics level. Can you fix this in the next version of your app? Thanks.

    1. Yea, it seems that this could be the problem not only for _na but _row as well. I’ll release an update soon which will hopefully fix this for most people with “directory not found” problem.

  4. I got the exactly same problem. I’m on an Alcatel One Touch Idol X with Android 4.2.2

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