Graphics for RR3 version 5.0.5a released!


Graphics for Real Racing 3 just got updated with new graphics options and small fixes.
You can download the new update by following this link.

In this version:

  • added new option “iPad 6 3”
  • added new option “iPad 6 4”
  • added new option “iPad 6 7”
  • added new option “iPad 6 8”
  • added new option “SimRigTV”

Try them and leave a comment below if you find those better.

A poll about issues

Hi everyone!

I have been getting comments about issues with RR3 Graphics app lately and it is hard for me to track them down. I have created a poll and am asking you to answer it. If you answer “YES” then please describe your issue with Android version in the comments below. Thank you all!