Graphics for RR3 version 5.0.5a released!


Graphics for Real Racing 3 just got updated with new graphics options and small fixes.
You can download the new update by following this link.

In this version:

  • added new option “iPad 6 3”
  • added new option “iPad 6 4”
  • added new option “iPad 6 7”
  • added new option “iPad 6 8”
  • added new option “SimRigTV”

Try them and leave a comment below if you find those better.

6 thoughts on “Graphics for RR3 version 5.0.5a released!”

  1. Version 5.1.0 was released can you do this for this new version? I will appreciate that!

  2. Ok, so I appreciate your work so much. And for a low end device user, I depend on this app for me to play. There is one problem though, an update from the game does not always followed by this app fast enough. Even though I switched the automatic update off from the playstore, sometimes the game is updating itself. Could you turn this off as well?

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